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Petra [greek /pee-truh/ πέτρα ] a stone, a gem
Πέτρα is a raw material that can be found on the earth ground.

A symbol for eternity as a stone lives forever.

Every stone is unique, so is a Petra towel.

Inspired by Earth’s colors & Greek history Petra towels invite travelers to explore the
hidden secrets of the Greek Culture.
Designed only once and never being reproduced, every unique towel carries its own story. The unique, Greek name of each towel reveals only half of it.
Explore the collection and find out what is hidden behind your favorite piece.

Take home a remembrance of your holidays.
Take home a piece of Greece.

Petra towels are designed to be carried around easily without lacking in elegance or
style. Minimal and natural aesthetics in combination with high quality materials give
travelers a smooth senses of luxury and
a piece of Greece.


Designed and Manufactured in Greece

Handmade Petra towels are made in Greece from high quality materials and natural Greek fabrics. 100% pure cotton with a thread count of 450gr/m2, they are lightly weighed, quick drying, absorbent and leave a soft feel on skin.

Carefully crafted, their high quality water-resistant materials ensure the longevity of a Petra towel.

Our Natural Greek fabrics: Poplin / Cotton / Linen / Cotton canvas / Burlap / Gauze / Woven Fabric / Lace

All materials are tolerant in any summerish condition so towels can safely be used at sea, boat or pool and be washed many times without be altered.

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